François Pain, Filmmaker

Born in 1945, François Pain began his medical studies in 1965 during which he met Felix Guattari psychoanalyst and philosopher. His friendship with Felix Guattari will last until the philosopher dies in 1992. This relationship will influence his activist and aesthetic practices.

In the 70’s, François Pain becomes one of the pioneers of the video light in France. Supported and produced by INA (Institut National de l’Audiovisuel), his works  including documentaries, fiction and art have been released over the years by various French TV channels: TF1, 2, 3 and Arte.

Some of these works, documentaries and fiction have been selections of festivals: Geneva (Festival of Human Rights), Austria (Graz Festival, documentary), Cannes (short fiction).

His artistic achievements were presented at Beaubourg, Paris Biennial, Biennale of Nice, Lyon Biennale, Palais de Tokyo, Musée du Jeu de Paume, and in group exhibitions in Rome, Milan, Antwerp, Winnipeg.

He works on different projects with choreographers and musicians. He leads creative workshops (shooting, editing and directing) in various institutions including psychiatric and rehabilitation.

Meet the Musicians

Krzysztof Zimowski Karen McKinnon Concertmaster Chair
David Felberg Associate Concertmaster
Ana María Quintero Muñoz ++ Associate Concertmaster
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Joan Wang
Juliana Huestis
Steve Ognacevic
Kerri Lay +
Bradford Richards
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Barbara Rivers
Nicolle Maniaci
Barbara Scalf Morris

Gabriela Fogo •+
Rafael Marzagão •++

Carol Swift ••
Julanie Lee
Anthony Templeton
Liana Austin
Eric Sewell
Lidija Peno-Kelly
Sheila McLay
Heather MacArthur

Laura Chang
Kimberly Fredenburgh ••
Allegra Askew
Christine Rancier
Virginia Lawrence
Willy Sucre +
Joan Hinterbichler
Lisa DiCarlo

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Denise Turner

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Allison Tutton
Katelyn Lewis •••

John Marchiando
Brynn Marchiando •••
Tristan Frank

Aaron Zalkind
Byron Herrington

David Tall

Richard White •+
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Micah Harrow

Jeff Cornelius
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Emily Cornelius

Matthew Tutsky

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