Anthony D. Trujillo

Vice President, Board of Directors

Mr. Anthony D. Trujillo is President and CEO of Holman’s USA, LLC, headquartered in Albuquerque, NM, since 1955. Holman’s is a national company with offices in Los Alamos, NM; Tempe, AZ; Livermore, CA; Oak Ridge, TN; and a new office opening soon in Nashville, TN. Mr. Trujillo is responsible for implementing Holman’s third generation of leadership, managing over fifty employees, and continuing a legacy of world-class customer service. He succeeds Mr. A.T. Trujillo, President and General Manager of Holman’s, Inc.

Mr. Trujillo established the Holman’s Foundation for Autism in 2013 to increase public interest and awareness of Autism, recognize deserving teachers, and provide needed technology for Autism specific classrooms in public schools. That same year, Mr. Trujillo was named a “Hero in Education” and was commended by Senator Tom Udall.

In addition, in 2014 Mr. Trujillo started and raised funding for the very first of its kind in the nation – The Symphony for Autism; a private concert for children and parents who are managing life with Autism.

In 2013 and 2014, under Mr. Trujillo’s leadership, Holman’s USA, LLC was named as one of New Mexico’s Flying Forty Top Ten Technology Companies. Also in 2014, Holman’s made “The List” for being a Powerhouse Hispanic Owned Business and was also recognized in the “NM Private 100” list.

Mr. Trujillo was recently elected 2015 Chairman of the Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce; served as 2014 Chairman of the Albuquerque Small Business Regulatory Advisory Commission; a board member of the NM Philharmonic; an executive board member on the National Hispanic Cultural Center Foundation; a board member of Albuquerque Public Schools Education Foundation; an executive board member of NM Association of Commerce & Industry; and Chairman of Holman’s Technology for Autism Foundation.

Mr. Trujillo graduated from UNM Anderson School of Management with a B.B.A. in Financial Management. He enjoys time with his children and living a healthy and active lifestyle.

Trujillo, Anthony-9675

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