2012-2013 Educational Programming:
Fusion Performances for Young People


What is Fusion?
This is a series of concerts to be presented in high schools featuring a Photography Exhibit entitled, “Uniquely Albuquerque,” as well as programmatic chamber music. Each event will consist of a 15 minute photography projection/lecture, a short chamber music performance with the composer in attendance, and a short workshop on how to get inspired by sounds and how to translate them into music.

What to expect
• The length of the program is approximately 45 minutes – one hour
• A screen and a projector would be used in the presentation
• The photographer would show his works of Albuquerque, in combination with commentary.
• The visiting Composer would talk before each movement of the work followed by a performance of each piece
• The composer would talk to the students on a few techniques they might use to produce sounds from their environment: rain, wind, a truck going by, etc.

Participating Artists and Musicians
Photographer(s) from Albuquerque
Visiting composer(s) from Albuquerque
Musicians of the New Mexico Philharmonic

Mission of Fusion
The Fusion Performances have the mission to inspire students to discover the jewels in the life around them that would foster their artistic creativity, and will give new meaning and value to places and situations from their surroundings.



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