Our Staff

Marian Tanau Executive Director
mtanau@nmphil.org / (505) 323-4343, ext. 2

Roberto Minczuk Music Director

Chris Rancier Director of Business Management
crancier@nmphil.org / (505) 323-4343, ext. 3 

Matt Hart Production Manager

Shea Perry Personnel & Operations Manager

Allison Tutton Principal Librarian
library@nmphil.org / (505) 323-4343, ext. 7

Jeremiah Fernandez Assistant Librarian

Eric Sewell Copyist

Nancy Pressley-Naimark Director of Community Relations & Office Manager
office@nmphil.org / (505) 323-4343, ext. 1

Jess Bess Assistant Production Manager, Assistant Office Manager, & Front of the House Manager

Mary Montano Grants Writer

J. Olkowski Design & Marketing

Lori Newman Editor


Wednesday Night Live! Talk Show!

Wednesdays at 7 p.m. MDT join us for NMPhil’s live video broadcast hosted by Music Director Roberto Minczuk sharing conversations with guest artists.

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