Our Staff

Marian Tanau
President & CEO
(505) 323-4343 x 2

Roberto Minczuk
Music Director

Chris Rancier
Vice President of Business
(505) 323-4343 x 3 

Matt Hart
Vice President of Operations
(505) 323-4343

Ian Mayne-Brody
Personnel Manager

Terry Pruitt
Principal Librarian
(505) 323-4343 x 7

Genevieve Harris
Assistant Librarian

Nancy Naimark
Director of Community Relations & Development Officer
505) 323-4343 x 9

Crystal Reiter
Office Manager
(505) 323-4343 x 1

Laurieanne Lopez
Young Musician Initiative Program Manager

Mary Montaño
Grants Writer

Lori Newman

J. Olkowski
Design & Marketing

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