Concert Etiquette & Frequently Asked Questions

Please hold applause until the conductor faces the audience. Traditionally, applause is held until the end of a piece of music. Composers create a work as a whole, which is often made up of several movements. It is best not to disrupt the continuity of the music by applauding between movements.

Yes, non-flash photography by silenced handheld devices is allowed during New Mexico Philharmonic performances. Feel free to post your favorite photos on our Facebook page!

Children 6 years old and up are welcome to attend all of our concerts, provided that they are supervised by an adult. Every child must have a ticket.

Children of all ages are welcome at our Zoo concerts.

There is no dress code for concerts at Popejoy. Concertgoers usually dress in suits, vests, sweaters, skirts, khakis, slacks, everything! Formal attire such as tuxedos and evening gowns is not required. Most people only wear formal clothing to our galas and other special events.

Cellular phones, pagers and alarm watches should be turned off while in the hall. Patrons should ask for the House Manager to report an emergency during a concert, or to make special arrangements to receive emergency phone calls during a concert.

The NMPhil appreciates the audience’s cooperation in avoiding any extraneous sounds during the concerts. The hall microphones used to record the orchestra are extremely sensitive and will even record the sound of a wristwatch chime.

The NMPhil makes every attempt to begin concerts on time. In deference to the comfort and listening pleasure of the audience in the hall, latecomers will not be seated until after the conclusion of the first work on the program, and there will be no seating break during any work. Patrons who leave the hall before or during a work will not be reseated until after the work is completed. Your usher will alert you as soon as it is possible to be seated.

Some of our musicians do perform at weddings and other special functions. Please contact us at

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