2024 Board Challenge Match

We hope this message finds you well and full of enthusiasm for music, just as we are here at your New Mexico Philharmonic. 

We’re reaching out to invite you to be part of an exciting opportunity: the Board Challenge Match. We would be honored to have you participate.

All of us at your NMPhil believe in the transformative power of music to enrich all our lives, and we wish to ensure the resilience and long-term success of the NMPhil for generations to come. We are proud to report that we remain fiscally responsible and financially stable, sustaining an exceptional staff, attracting top-tier musicians, and curating concerts and programs that consistently earn 95 percent approval ratings for artistic excellence, thanks in part to patrons such as yourself.

Our fundraising target for this challenge is a minimum of $220,000. The Board and key benefactors will match all donations up to $110K made or pledged by June 1, 2024. The support generated by the Board Challenge Match will ensure the continued and increased excellence of your NMPhil and the soloists gracing the NMPhil stage.

Together, let’s realize the New Mexico Philharmonic’s mission to enrich lives through first-rate music, community engagement, and educational opportunities.

Thank you for considering joining us on this journey.

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