Daniel Davis, composer

As a composer Daniel explores melodic, linear and contrapuntal textures that incorporate elements of disparate forms including folk music, minimalism, micro compositional techniques and tonality all wrapped up in an accessible style. His works draw from the deep well of his spiritual life and frequently depict his personal experiences and dreams. He has also created a large body of work for theater, modern dance and short film. His musical, “In a Room Somewhere” (Anchorage Press, 1989) has been performed in various productions worldwide. Between 2000 and 2006 he composed music for KNME-TV’s ¡Colores!, including the Rocky Mountain Regional Emmy award winning production of “A Commitment to Peace”. His concert music includes two operas, symphonic works, chamber music for strings, winds, brass and percussion, pipe organ (both solo and chamber works), and solo works for bassoon and orchestra, written specifically for New Mexico Philharmonic’s and Santa Fe Symphony’s principal bassoonist, Stefanie Przybylska. Recordings of his works can be heard on a CD recently released by Albuquerque’s own Gamelan Encantada, “Oasis in the Desert” which includes three of his works for gamelan ensemble, and on a self produced CD, “Meditations of Cleansing Waters”. Published works include “What Shall I Cry” for solo marimba (HoneyRock Percussion), choral music including The New Millennium Harp (2001), September Psalms (2002) and High Desert Harmony (2004). Numerous serious and whimsical works including bassoon are available at Trevco Music, and can be viewed on YouTube.

Born in Springfield, Ohio, Daniel Davis grew up in Wenatchee, Washington where his ancestors had homesteaded in the 1880’s. His first musical instruction came from his father in the form of accordion lessons, although string playing and instrument making was the musical legacy he inherited from his grandfather. As soon as he was able, Daniel began studying the violin in the Wenatchee public schools, which eventually led him to his true life’s path of composing music. After graduating from the University of Washington with a Master of Music degree in composition under the tutelage of William Bergsma, Daniel moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico and focused on creating music and sound design for theater and dance productions. In 1991 he began teaching music classes at UNM Valencia and soon thereafter at TVI, now known as CNM, Central New Mexico Community College. He continues to teach music theory, appreciation and history both at CNM and at UNM’s main campus in Albuquerque. His avocational activities include playing the violin and viola, singing, gardening, palindromes, exploring the delights of the lowly pun and enjoying his morning meditative walks with the family dogs. My Profile as listed at UNM.

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